Table Of Contents

Installing Python

  • Download a Python version from:
  • Run the Python.exe file
  • Checkbox "Add Python to PATH" to be added to the search path so you could enter python from anywhere in your filesystem
  • Select "Customize Installation"

  • Where to install it:
    • I suggest to create a Python folder at the c: drive root level and create a dedicated Python version folder in this folder.
    • Over time, you might need various Python versions.
    • This is an easy to remember path structure.

  • Click Install in the Customize window

Add Python path to PYTHONPATH Env variable

Note: To be able to use packages that you install by PIP, you need to add the site-packages path to the PYTHONPATH env variable

  • Right click on the Windows start icon at the lower left corner and enter: control sysdm.cpl

  • Select the Advanced tab
  • Then click on Environment Variables

  • Select System Variables, Path and click on Edit
  • Browse to the c:\Python\Python37 folder and add it
  • Done

Where Is pip.exe

Pip is located in c:\Python\Python37\Scripts

How To Use pip

Install: pip install <package name>

Install/Upgrade same time: pip install -U --no-cache-dir <package name>

Where are pip packages installed