Deploying IxNetwork Web Edition as a Docker container

Note: Supported on CentOS and Ubuntu Distributions.

  1. Copy the .tar file on the Linux host
  2. Make sure the interface has promiscous mode enabled: ifconfig eth1 promisc
  3. Load the image to docker: docker load -i </path/to/tar/file>

  4. Loaded image: ixnetworkweb_9.00.2.57_image:latest <-- This is the <image name> to be used on step 6.
  5. Create the macvlan bridge to be used by IxNetwork Web Edition:

    • Enter: docker network create -d macvlan -o parent=eth1 --subnet=192.168.x.0/24 --gateway=192.168.x.254 <bridge_name>
    • NOTE: Use your subnet, prefix length and gateway IP address

    • Enter:
      • docker network ls
      • docker network inspect IxNetVlanMac

  6. Deploy the IxNetwork Web Edition container using the following command:

  7. On a remote host, open up a web browser and connect to the configured container IP address.