Table Of Contents

Download and install VS Code

Install a Python extension

Recommend to get by: Don Jayamanne

  • Enter the word python
  • Click on the bottom square icon (Extensions)

Install a REST Client extension

  • Enter the word rest
  • Recommend to get by: Huachao Mao

Add your Python.exe path

To be able to run Python scripts in a project folder, you could add one or more Python versions so you could select the version to run your script.

  • Open a .py Python file first
  • Click on the circular "debugger" icon
  • Select "Add Configuration"

Create a new item and name it Python <version>

Add line: "pythonPath": "c:/path_to_your_python/Python37/python.exe",

Don't forget to add a comma after the closing curly brace

When done, save the launch.json file

It should look something like this:

Now you could select the name of the Python version that you added to run your code.

Note: If this doesn't work, close and reopen VSCode.

Global settings

Here are some general user preferences

Go to Files, Preferences, Settings, under User Settings, scroll down to find things that you like to customize and click "Edit in Settings.json"