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  • ReST API is supported starting with IxNetwork 8.0.
  • ReST API uses HTTP to send commands to the IxNetwork API server.
  • We have a Python package called RestPy that you could pip install and start automating.
  • The RestPy package comes complete with Python classes for all the IxNetwork ReST APIs.

Support both HTTP and HTTPS

For Windows and Windows Connection Mgr API server

  • HTTP is the default
  • HTTPS is supported starting 8.52
    • Enable HTTPS during the installation

For Linux API server

  • HTTPS is the only option
  • Secured connection with user login/password and user unique api-key

Use HTTP to send ReST APIs

  • GET: To get resources from the API server in JSON format
  • POST:
    • To create something new such as a Topology Group
    • Or to start an operation such as start protocol and start traffic

  • PATCH: To modify a configuration
  • OPTION: To view the object's options
  • DELETE: To delete a session or files on the API server. Deleting sessions is for Linux API server Connection Mgr only.

Connecting to an IxNetwork API server

  • The IxNetwork ReST API server could be installed on Windows or Linux
  • For Windows:
    • The IxNetwork GUI is the ReST API server
    • It could run on Windows 8 or 10
    • It could also run on Windows server 2012/2016 using IxNetwork Connection Mgr

  • For Linux:
    • Installed the IxNetwork API server in an XGS SDL or HSL Linux OS chassis (Starting 8.40)
    • Install as an OVA or QCOW2.

IxNetwork ReST API Server On Windows

Starting with IxNetwork 8.0, the GUI is also a ReST API Server.

  • On Windows, the ReST API server can only support one session.
  • On Windows Server 2012 R2/2016, it supports ten concurrent sessions by using IxNetwork's [Connection Manager](/ixNetworkConnectionMgrRest).
  • Pros and Cons using Windows server with Connection Mgr:
    • Comes with 5 user licenses
    • You need to purchase 5 more user licenses to support ten sessions

ReST API Server On Linux

  • Uses HTTPS.
  • Supports up to 10 concurrent sessions.
  • Free.
  • You could install the Linux API server in the XGS chassis.
    • Ideal for feature testing, sanity and regression testing.
    • Not for extreme scaling and high performance testing.

Sample: How to Create And Modify A Configuration

Use POST to create

The ReST API server will return some meta datas in json format in the **response** variable.

To get the newly created topology object: response.json()['links']

Use PATCH to modify

Use GET to view the modification