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This page shows how to setup a 5G RAN test environment

The requirements are:

  • 5G Licenses to activate
  • License model setting
  • Installing Prisma Air Mosaiac

5G Licenses

Setting up a 5G RAN test in a VE environment requires two 5G licenses to activate

  • 925-0181: IxLoad VE 5G RAN Test Performance Enabler
  • 925-0180: IxLoad VE 5G RAN Test Software for keysight UEE

License Model Setting

5G license model has to be set in "Perpetual Mode" even if you're using virtual ports that would normally be in Subscription Mode

Installing Prisma Air Mosiac

  • Important! You must install the same version of Air Mosaic and IxLoad each time you upgrade IxLoad. If you don't, applying the IxLoad configuration will fail.
  • To test with IxLoad 5G, you must install Air Mosiac in the same Windows OS where IxLoad is installed
  • 5G Air Mosaic is only supported for Windows
  • Download Air Mosaic from the same page where you download IxLoad: Link to IxLoad 5G download web page

5G Sample Script

A 5G IxLoad sample script using REST APIs is provided in