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8.40+: Connecting to Linux API server awareness

  • Here are some frequently asked questions to address why 8.40 ReST APIs are changed
  • Beginning with 8.40, IxNetwork will redirect your ReST API commands to a different ReST API internally
  • If the client-side tool that you're using doesn't support redirect automatically, you will get an error
  • The ReST API is redirected to a URI that includes ixnetworkweb preceeding /api/v1/sessions

For example:

  • Before 8.40:
  • 8.40 and beyond:

What is going to happen if I use my existing ReST APIs on 8.40

  • The API server will return a status code 307.
  • This means the API that you entered needs to be redirected to a different URI location.

Will I get an error

  • This depends on your client-side utility.
  • The Python requests module will handle the redirects automatically and you won't encounter any error.
  • Not every utility handles redirects automatically.
  • The ReST API client side utilities that we provide in OpenIxia uses the Python requests module.

What do I have to do if my client-side utility doesn't automatically handles redirects

  • Verify for status code 307 and get the response.json()['header']['Location']
  • And re-enter the ReST API command using the returned value

What will the API server return if I entered my existing ReST APIs

  • Enter:
  • API server response:
    • HTTP/1.1 307 Temporary Redirect
    • Location: /ixnetworkweb/api/v1/auth/session?redirectedFromDeprecatedApi=true
    • You could either enter the above Location ReST API or /ixnetworkweb/api/v1/auth/session
    • Both will work.

Step 1 of 3: Connect To The Linux API Server

Step 2 of 3: Create a new session

  • Using the API-KEY provided by the new connection above

Step 3 of 3: Start the new session

Configure license server IP

  • If your chassis is an XGS LinuxOS based chassis and if you activated your licenses in the chassis, then you won't need to configure the license server details.
  • If your license details are not configured in the chassis, then you need to configure the license server.

At this point, every ReST API command must include the x-api-key in the HEADERS.

To STOP the session ID

You must do this before DELETING the session ID)

To DELETE the session ID