Postman is a Google Chrome ReST Client extension

Use Postman to experiment with IxNetwork ReST APIs

This page will show you the followings using Postman:

Install A REST API Browser Pluggin

How To Bring Up Postman

Connect to Windows API server And Get The Session ID

Python: response = requests.get('

Connect to Connection Mgr on a Windows Server 2012 and get the session ID

Create a blank config

Python: response ='', data={}, headers={'content-type': 'application/json'})

The ID is 3

Keep doing a GET on ID 3 until the state is SUCCESS

Create two VPorts

View the Vport's object attributes

Assign ports

Get the returned ID to verify ports are up

ID is 4

Create two Topologies

Get the returned Topology's object highlighted in yellow

View a Topology's object attributes

Modify the Topology's name

Verify the modification

Modify IP address

Get the address attribute's value

Look at the IP address list and get the index number order of the list

Using overlay to modify the IP address

Index 1 indicates the first IP address to modify along with the value

Verify the modification