• To automate with unique sessions concurrently.
  • Concurrent sessions is not supported in Windows 8 or 10.
  • Windows 8 or 10 OS are single user OS. It only supports one session.
  • If you want to use Windows as your API server, you need to install IxNetwork in a Windows server OS and bring up IxNetwork Conenction Manager.

What to use for concurrent session support

  • Linux API server

    • This itself is the IxNetwork API server.
    • It supports ReST API, legacy low level APIs and high level APIs.
    • Get the OVA/QCOW2 appliance downloaded and import it in your hypervisor host.
    • This is deal for sanity and regression testing when you don't need a GUI because all you care for are the passed/failed results.
    • You could also install it in the SDL/HSL linux base chassis.

      • For SDL chassis, 4 concurrent sessions are supported.
      • For HSL chassis, 10 concurrent sessions are supported.

  • Windows 2012 or 2016 server

    • Windows servers come with 5 user licenses. Therefore, it supports 5 concurrent sessions.
    • To make it support 10 concurrent sessions, you need to purchase 5 more user licenses.